I’ve been using LRTimelapse for many years. Initially, I used it only for the ability to deflicker basic time-lapses. It served its purpose and worked really well. I can remember when Gunther Wegner launched the software from Germany as a beta platform; fun and innovative technology! Some years passed and […]

My good friend Mark Dolan, who many years ago was my professor at Syracuse University while studying at Newhouse, would always teach us to build our visual library. What he meant was, never stop looking at visuals that excite you, try to find images, films, or even documentaries that inspire […]

The Kessler Crane “Hercules 2.0” Head has been an impressive addition to my gear list. I choose this head for its super secure mounting features. When used with my tripod, mounting the Kessler Cineslider and or Pocket Jib is a joy. Having one dependable head for rigging certainly makes field […]

I’ve been using the Sound Devices MixPre-D for about a year now. I’m extremely impressed with the functionality, sound quality and the size/weight. As a working photojournalist and videographer for Newsday, I need a piece of gear that I can carry easily along with my lenses, tripod and camera. The […]

I have owned the Kessler Crane 3′ CineSlider for nearly a year now. I have been using it for time lapse photography and for b-roll. Shooting in a multitude of environments, I’m very impressed with the linear rail. I chose the CineSlider over Kessler’s Pocket Dolly and the Philip Bloom […]