Newsday Wins New York Emmy Award

Over the course of several months, I had a pleasure to work with two incredible families. The story, Big Brother, was a project that evolved overtime. Meeting Michael Rio and his son Ben, lead me to JoJo and his mother Michelle Dashosh. It’s a story about two young men who supported each other in a time of need and then became friends. Without the openness of each person and their own dedication to this project, we simply wouldn’t have succeeded.

I’m extremely grateful to these families as they treated me like I was a part of theirs. The time spent with them will always be remembered.

I’m also super thankful to the editors and producers of this project. Producer Arnold Miller, executive producer and editor Bobby Cassidy and editor Matthew Golub worked extremely hard together and with myself to produce this piece.

In August we entered Big Brother in the New York Emmy Awards contest. In February we received the great news that we had been nominated within the Human Interest category for an Emmy! In April, myself and many of my colleagues attended the NY Emmy Awards diner in New York City at the Marriott Marquis in Time Square. When it was time for our category, we were all anxiously waiting for the results. To hear our piece called out as a win was an incredible feeling. A very quick 20 sec speech and we were whisked off stage.

New York Emmy Award

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to thank everyone in 20 seconds, thus this post! The Rio’s and Dashosh’s, it was an honor to tell your story. My colleagues, thank you so much for your dedication. Last but not least, my wife, family and friends. You have always stood behind me. Without you, I’m confident I would not be where I’m at today. Thank you all very much! Chris…….

Copywrite: Newsday

  • 2014 and 2015 New York Emmy awards!!!!
    2014 and 2015 New York Emmy awards!!!!
  • Bob Nystrom NY Islanders
    Bob Nystrom NY Islanders
  • Newsday wins 3 NY Emmy Awards
    Newsday wins 3 NY Emmy Awards

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