Several weeks after superstorm Sandy wrecked havoc on thousands of families in the northeast, I was asked by Newsday to find families who would be willing to be documented from that moment until the one year anniversary of the storm. Four amazing families from Long Beach, Massapequa, Captree Island and Oceanside graciously opened their doors to me.

My colleagues, Jessica Rotkiewicz and Bobby Cassidy also ventured into the communities of Freeport and Lindenhurst to find two other families for our documentary.

Initially, each family was very optimistic about rebuilding. However, over the course of the year it was very surprising to watch how slow the process was to rebuild. With thousands of families in need of electrical work, plumbing, heating and structural damage, all resources were completely drained.

Overtime I would check in with each family, Cleve, Paul and Lisa, the Romoes and finally Steve and Joyce. Each family had their own unique story and all obviously wanted to be back in their homes.

Myself and my colleagues and some of the families we were documenting, believed that by the one year anniversary we would be filming Sandy victims moving into their homes. Unfortunately, only two of our six families completely recovered in a year’s time.

I personally would like to thank each family for sharing their story. Documenting the recovery was very emotional and touching at moments and would not have been possible without their willingness to share.

Copywrite: Newsday

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